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Walkers, Joggers & Competitive

What's In It For Our Company/School?

  • Provides opportunities for individuals and
    teams to be recognized in the community and
    receive awards
  • Company/School name (or logo) is promoted
    as a participant in social media, on websites,
    and on e-blasts that reach tens of thousands;
    mentioned on race day by announcer.   

  • Positions your company/school as a leader in
    promoting  corporate health and wellness

  • Builds good-natured competition among other
    area businesses/schools

  • Encourages team-building among

  • Offers a display of company support for great
    charitable causes

  • Promotes a positive experience for
    employees/schools, building camaraderie, unity
    and morale.

Categories to Win:
Fastest Team
Largest Team


All teams are coed, with a minimum of 5 people. A
minimum of 2 persons of each gender are required to
form a team. No exceptions. A single team may have
as many members as is desired. The top 4 on each
team will score. Scoring is Cross-Country style: lowest
aggregate time of the top 4 team members wins.

Team awards go to the top 4 finishers in the 1st place
team as well as the team with the most participants (in
both the 5K and the 10K events.) Team results will be
announced after the race, when full results are
posted on the race web site  Awards will handed out
following the event or mailed to the team captain of