The Ringing In Hope traditions continue.  Runners, friends, and family from across the region--and
even the country--come together at Ringing In Hope events to share in a day of friendly competition
and loads of family fun. This family-friendly, highly-anticipated annual event reaches out to
participants of all ages—from 4 years old to active seniors in their 80s!

Since our inaugural run in 2010, we have exceeded our greatest expectations.  In the past eight years,
Ringing In Hope has drawn in more than 25,000 participants, as well as countless spectators to cheer
them on and volunteers who help make it all possible.

We are most proud of the platform we are able to provide to our area charities to aide in their
awareness, encourage collaboration among them, and, of course, the additional funding that runners
generate on their behalf.

As the buzz for Ringing In Hope continues to grow, we anticipate runner involvement to continue to
grow and attract more sponsors, participants, volunteers, and spectators. A majority of our sponsors
return annually, and recognize the special impact within their community when they take part in a
Ringing In Hope event.

Your company will have the opportunity to be  included in promotional materials—website, flyers,
posters, and print and electronic advertising—as well as on race day by health-conscious men and
women.  Combined advertising platforms for the event will reach in excess of 100,000 recipients.  
Combine that with the outreach our participating charities have to offer, and the reach is much greater.

Your support is critical in creating a successful race that will make a difference, right here in our
community. We invite you to be a part of our rapidly growing tradition.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please click here for to
contact us and we'll be happy to
send you sponsorship information.
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